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Private Parties


We bring the entertainment to you with everything needed for guests to have a great time!

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We Bring Joy and Smiles

We Bring the Wow Factor

We Take the Work out of Planning

Don’t Let Your Event Flop!

No one should have to feel like they’re failing their loved one on their special day. Anyone planning a party should have what they need to make plans for an event to be remembered. We’re not here for boring parties, and no one else should have to settle for them either!

Invite Piggy Joy to Your Next Party

Experience Joy

Bliss you can only get from sweet, mini pet pigs in festive costumes!

Wow Your Guests

Invite unique and delightful entertainment that you and your guests won’t be able to stop talking about.

Build Lasting Memories

Create togetherness by sharing an immersive, hands-on experience.

Schedule Your Private Party

We understand how overwhelming it can be to plan a successful event.

Schedule Your Private Party

“Perry visited the home of a lady with intellectual disabilities for her birthday party. The birthday lady and her friends were excited to see Perry paint, do tricks, and enjoy scratches. The guests had pictures taken with Perry. It was a fun time! Perry's handler was knowledgeable and very accommodating.”

Yvette Waring

Party Planning Doesn't Have to be Complicated

1. Call and reserve your date

Secure your special date in our busy calendar. We will listen to your questions and offer solutions to your problems.

2. We Help You Plan an Unforgettable Experience

We customize our entertainment to compliment your event!

3. We Bring Everything Needed for a Great Time

Enjoy a hassle-free event where we bring everything needed to provide people with joy and lasting memories.

Schedule Your Private Party

Party Types

Birthday Parties

Family Events

Baby Showers
and Gender Reveals

Bachelorette Parties

Graduation Parties

Adoption Day Parties

Game Day Parties

Retirement Celebrations

Get Well Soon Visits

Just Because!

Private PartyEnjoy the Experience

$ 99.99

/Hr +Travel
  • One piggy for a custom amount of time at the location of your choice
  • Petting opportunities
  • Feeding opportunities
  • Photos with the piggy
  • Trick show
  • Piggy kissing booth
  • Snout art studio
  • Festive costumes
  • Other fun extras like getting the chance to walk the pig

Holiday PartyHoliday Piggies

$ 149.99

/Hr +Travel
  • One piggy for a custom amount of time at the location of your choice
  • Petting opportunities
  • Feeding opportunities
  • Photos with the piggy
  • Trick show
  • Holiday-themed piggy kissing booth
  • Snout art studio
  • Holiday-themed costumes
  • Other fun extras themed to the holiday being celebrated

Keepsake PackageMake Lasting Memories

$ 49.99

  • 1 custom snout painting with favorite colors
  • Polaroid favors with the piggy for guests (up to 25, custom pricing for 25+)

Second PiggyPerry AND Willow

$ 49.99

  • Additional piggy for parties less than two hours. Any party booked two hours or more automatically includes a second piggy for no additional charge.


How long should I book the piggy for my private party?

One hour is typical. We can talk through your specific party needs and create a plan that fits.

Does it matter where I have my party?

Not at all! We come to you! Be it the comfort of your own home or a venue, our indoor pet piggies are ready to entertain!

Can my pets be out and about while the piggies are here?

Pigs are prey animals so if your pet is making them nervous, they will need to be put in another area so the show can go on. Ultimately, this is up to the piggy handler’s discretion and can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can we order a custom piggy costume?

Yes! Custom costumes can be ordered for an additional fee with 6 weeks’ notice.

What do you consider a holiday-themed event?

We charge a holiday-themed rate for the following experiences: New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, patriotic days (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. These holidays call for special costuming and special touches to our props. If your party falls on one of these days or weekends, the additional fee will apply. We consider Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday a holiday weekend when a holiday falls on or directly before or after.

How much do you charge for travel?

We are based out of Cochranton, Pennsylvania and base our travel fee on our time and mileage to your location. We charge $99.99/hour plus $0.655/mile for any visit with no additional charge for holiday-themed visits.

Visits outside of Crawford County PA are priced around piggy tour travel rates to specific areas. We take the total travel cost to your area and divide it between our visits on the itinerary for that trip. We are continually expanding to new areas so if we aren’t in your area yet, feel free to inquire about the possibility!

Want an exact travel quote? Contact us and we will give you the best rate possible for our location.

Do you require a deposit to secure my date?

Yes. We require a 25% deposit.

Can I pick which piggy I want for my party?

We love to match our piggies’ personalities to your event! We also have to evaluate each piggies’ health, energy, and workload, among other factors so we can’t guarantee a specific piggy’s attendance but we will do our best to accommodate.

How early do you arrive?

We arrive anywhere from 5-15 minutes before the start time of our services. This gives us enough time to unload a few props and things for our entertainment space and give the piggy a chance to potty before it’s go time.

Do the piggies have needs depending on the weather?

Yes, in the heat of the summer our piggies need to be in full shade at all times. We can provide a canopy if needed. Depending on your event arrangements, we may waive our setup/teardown fee if you provide a canopy for us that is set up and ready to go when we arrive. High winds and lightning are also a no-go for the piggies.
If the event is outside during the winter months, the piggies will need access to a heat source and a barrier between the frozen ground and their hooves in order to be able to perform.

I don't have carpet or rugs in the entertainment area. Will the piggy’s hooves slip on our floors?

Yes. They will be comfortable walking on them but not performing some of their tricks. Just let us know and we will bring our own rugs for them to entertain on.

What happens if the piggies need to go to the bathroom?

Our piggies are litter box trained and housebroken. They prefer to only go outside and will hold any pee during their visit. They will be given an opportunity to potty upon our arrival before we enter the entertainment space. For longer events, each piggy will be given numerous breaks to go to the bathroom.

Is there an agreement I will need to sign before the visit?

Yes. A signed visit agreement is required before any visit. This agreement goes over the risks of interacting with animals, potential environment situations that would make the piggies uncomfortable, expected conduct and behavior of host and attendees, photography waiver, and our terms and conditions.

Can we request no photos of our party be shared online?

Absolutely, we cross out the photo waiver section of our agreement. We recommend you take photos of our time together and then send any you approve for sharing. If we take photos, anything captured will be sent to you for approval and deleted if it isn’t.

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