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About Us

About Us

The mission of Tree Family Party Piggies is to delight people of all ages with a unique and interactive mini pet pig experience, bringing joy everywhere we go, and creating memories that will last forever.

Meet Our Tree Family

We are a small family from Cochranton, Pa who fell in love with piggies as our love story unfolded. Maribeth was chronically ill when Donavan fell hard and fast for her. Throughout her most difficult days, he held her like a piggy in a blanket. He started sending her cute pictures of piggies on Instagram to create joy when she wanted to cry. After their wedding and her miraculous recovery, they adopted Willow and Perry as their beloved pets. Their son Lincoln made an appearance in 2021 and is training as a treat-giver and piggy enthusiast. We believe everyone deserves to feel great joy in life so we’re on a mission to spread piggy joy everywhere we go.

As an entrepreneur and parent, Maribeth has faced both the overwhelm of event planning and the joy of creating a memorable experience. She has run several different successful businesses and understands the impact business marketing can make. She has planned many events including parties, dinners, conferences, weddings, and more. She has worked with high-risk populations (children, elderly special needs, etc.) as a church volunteer, paramedic, and babysitter for most of her adult life.

Meet Savanna! She joined our Tree Family October of 2022 as a volunteer and is currently interning with us to earn her therapy pet handler certification. We love Savanna’s eagerness to learn new skills in customer service and her bravery as she works hard to earn our piggies trust! Her natural people skills and her go-getter attitude is a big part of how we are able to do what we do

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Tree Family Party Piggies

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22674 State Highway 285
Cochranton, Pa 16314

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