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Willow and Perry were born and raised in a home and have been around children their whole lives. They are socialized, trained not to bite, and take treats gently. They are potty trained and walk on a leash with a harness. They have a clean bill of health and are the size of a medium-sized dog. 

Maribeth works with Willow and Perry daily to guarantee a strong connection and happy pets. With the addition of a therapy pet certification and continued training by Autumn Acres Mini Pet Pigs, Willow and Perry with Maribeth as their handler will continue to offer delightful and safe interactions to people of all ages.


    • Certified therapy pets
  • Potty trained
    • Born and raised in a home around children
  • Socialized and taught manners
  • Used to household noises
    • Harness and leash trained
    • Bathed before events
  • Clean bill of health


Female American Mini Pig

Birthday: 3/29/2020

Physical markings: mostly black, white hair behind right ear, white legs and belly

Personality: confident, quick learner, social butterfly

Favorites: sun bathing, eating clover, cuddling, training

Endearing flaw: peeing in her piggy pool



Male American Mini Pig

Birthday: 3/29/2020

Physical markings: black with right white shoulder, legs, and belly, half pink half black snout

Personality: gentle lover, cautious, curious, boss pig between him and Willow

Favorites: ear scratches, bananas, exploring in the woods, giving kisses

Endearing flaw: loud water slurper