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Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

Invite A Piggy

Make Your Day Unique

Delight Your Guests

Stand Out

Your Wedding Doesn’t Have to be Similar to Everyone Else’s

With limited local options, it can feel impossible to plan a wedding day that is as beautifully unique as you are. You’re not average, so why should your wedding day look like everyone else’s? You shouldn’t have to break the bank just to have a wedding day that feels joyful and unique.

Invite A Piggy

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Be Unique

Make your wedding stand out from all the others by inviting piggies!

Draw People In

Draw people into your love story with adorable and well-trained mini pet pigs.

Bring Piggy Joy

Have a wedding your guests will joyfully remember for years to come.

Invite A Piggy

We understand it can cost a lot to create a wedding to remember. We know what it’s like to want to make everyone as happy as you are in love.

Invite A Piggy

Inviting Piggy Joy to Your Wedding is Simple

1. Pay the Deposit to Secure Your Date!

Secure your wedding date in our busy calendar.

2. Read and Sign Our Visit Agreement

Feel confident about the details that go into making your day unique.

3. Book a Call with Us to Finalize the Exciting Details

We will listen to your questions and plan an unforgettable day.

Invite A Piggy


Can the piggy be my ring bearer or flower girl?

Yes, we can mount a basket or pillow to their harness. We recommend they accompany an existing bridal party member to assist in the throwing of the flowers or delivery of the rings.

What if the pig balks walking down the aisle?

This could happen, but have no fear! Pigs are extremely food motivated and will be set up for success! Not only will the piggy be highly trained to walk with your bridal party but treats will be readily available should any coaxing be warranted.

Can the piggy be part of my wedding photos?

Yes! Our piggies are trained to pose! There will be time before or after the ceremony to get the shots you want.

My wedding is indoors. Will that be a problem?

Nope! Our piggies are used to entertaining indoors. The will be offered potty breaks outside mitigating the possibility of an accident.

What about loud music? Will that scare the piggies?

Pigs often get nervous around loud sounds but ours typically do well with loud environments. We will make our exit at the reception before things get too crazy.

What accommodations do the piggies need at my wedding?

It’s important that our piggies can hear our commands and we can converse with your guests so we ask any entertainment space you designate for us at your reception to be located away from loud speakers. If you choose to have a portion of our time walking around, our piggies are trained to handle loud sounds for short periods of time.
If your reception is outside, we request our entertainment space be placed on grass, pavement, or other surfaces free of dirt. Bare ground, mud, and fine gravel creates a dirty environment that affects our snout art and our clean pet piggy experience. We also require our entertainment space to be at least 25-50 feet away from any roadway that is open if barriers are not in place.

I don't have carpet or rugs in the entertainment area. Will the piggy’s hooves slip on our floors?

Yes. They will be comfortable walking on them but not performing some of their tricks. Just let us know and we will bring our own rugs for them to entertain on.

What happens if the piggies need to go to the bathroom?

Our piggies are litter box trained and housebroken. They prefer to only go outside and will hold any pee during the ceremony or in the reception space. They will be given an opportunity to potty upon our arrival and throughout your wedding between events. During the reception, each piggy will be given several breaks to go to the bathroom.

Is there an agreement I will need to sign before the visit?

Yes. A signed visit agreement is required before any visit. This agreement goes over the risks of interacting with animals, potential environment situations that would make the piggies uncomfortable, expected conduct and behavior of host and attendees, photography waiver, and our terms and conditions.

Wedding Ceremony Services

  • two hours of piggy joy
  • flower girl or ring bearer services during the ceremony
  • photo opportunities
  • customized outfit to match your wedding colors

Wedding Reception Entertainment

  • four hours of piggy joy with both piggies in formal outfits
  • petting, feeding, and photo opportunities for guests
  • Polaroid favors for guests
  • trick demonstrations (jump, sit, spin, bow, etc.)
  • piggy kissing booth
  • snout painting (optional)

*Photos on this page are not of Tree Family Party Piggies

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