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Piggy Marketing


To Make Your Business Unforgettable

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More Sales

More Customers

More Visibility

Your Business Deserves to Stand Out

There are so many things vying for people’s attention so marketing can be challenging. You need a way to stand out from the crowd, grow your business, and give back to your customers.

We are a great return on your investment, lifting your brand with the buzz we create on social media, and bringing more traffic into your establishment increasing your customer and sales acquisition.

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Boost Your Business With Mini Pet Piggies

We Bring the Lines to You

Invite the piggies to bring people through your doors with the buzz they create.

Lift Your Brand

Create memories inside your business and on social media that will increase your brand awareness.

We Take the Work Out of Planning

Let us do the hard work of planning a successful event for you. We do the marketing, we order the food, we make your space beautiful.

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With years of business experience between ourselves and the vendors we hire for events, we have the wow factor that will make you stand out.

We understand how tough it can be to get the word out, to spend money on advertising without knowing if it did anything for you, to wrack your brain trying to create a marketing plan. As small business owners, we understand how difficult it can be to get noticed and attract customers and sales.

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“We invited Tree Family Party Piggies out to Cup n' Spoon for a special event. Since we tend to be pretty busy with lots of folks of all ages coming and going with their drinks and froyo, I had my worries that Perry, our piggy guest of honor, would be overwhelmed. NOT AT ALL. Perry was an absolute gentleman...I mean gentle-pig...and greeted every guest with a little happy snort and a wiggle of his sweet little piggy tail! He did lots of fun piggy snout paintings, got fed lots of treats from our guests, and had lots of piggy kiss pictures taken! His mama Maribeth did such a FANTASTIC job of talking all about him and all the incredible things him and his sister can do!

We at Cup n' Spoon HIGHLY recommend Tree Family Party Piggies for all of your fun events! I know Perry or his sister Willow would be the talk of your party! Perry was definitely the highlight of ours! We will definitely be inviting them again very soon!

Cup n’ Spoon MeadvilleLocal Business

The kids at ONE Federal Credit Union's Youth Day event had so much fun interacting with the piggies! Willow and Perry were so gentle and polite, and Maribeth was great with getting the kids engaged in snout paintings, feedings, and of course, the piggy kissing booth. We were impressed by Maribeth's initiative to include younger kids who may be nervous to approach the pigs by providing scratching sticks and helping them understand how to approach the piggies. Above all, her patience and energetic attitude were noted by a number of parents and staff in attendance.

Maribeth goes above and beyond to help ensure your event is a success by being flexible, and even helping advertise. We highly recommend Tree Family Party Piggies for any community or family event!

ONE Federal Credit UnionLocal Business

Bringing Piggy Joy to Your Customers (And Your Wallet) is Simple!

1. Call and reserve your date

Secure your event date in our busy calendar. We will listen to your questions and offer solutions to your problems.

2. We Help You Plan an Unforgettable Experience

We customize the event experience to compliment your business’ needs

3. We Bring Everything Needed for a Great Time

Create an event that your customers will joyfully remember for years to come.

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Event Features

  • Custom amount of time with our piggies
  • Petting opportunities
  • Feeding opportunities
  • Photo opportunities
  • Trick show
  • Snout art studio
  • Kissing booth
  • Piglet cuddling
  • Festive costumes

Marketing Features:

  • Flyer design
  • Facebook event creation (adding you as a co-host)
  • Weekly Facebook posts within event (up to a month in advance)
  • One event post on our Facebook page the week of your event
  • Facebook and Instagram stories featuring your event the week of (up to 3 stories)
  • Shares of your event to local Facebook event groups (up to 4 posts)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce promotion the week of your event
  • Mention in local family-focused publications the week of your event
  • Sandwich board with balloons outside your business during event
  • Signs at nearby intersections pointing towards your event
  • Other press opportunities dependent on event type


How early do you arrive?

We arrive anywhere from 15-30 minutes before the start time of your event. This gives us enough time to set up a canopy (if needed), unload our displays, prep the entertainment space, and place signage. The piggies will debut 5 minutes before the event starts giving them a chance to potty and get dressed up. We are unable to set up if they appear before then due to their novelty and constant interruptions from staff and early guests.

Do the piggies have needs depending on the weather?

Yes, in the heat of the summer our piggies need to be in full shade at all times. We can provide a canopy if needed. Depending on your event arrangements, we may waive our setup/teardown fee if you provide a canopy for us that is set up and ready to go when we arrive. High winds and lightning are also a no-go for the piggies.
If the event is outside during the winter months, the piggies will need access to a heat source and a barrier between the frozen ground and their hooves in order to be able to perform.

I don't have carpet or rugs in the entertainment area. Will the piggy’s hooves slip on our floors?

Yes. They will be comfortable walking on them but not performing some of their tricks. Just let us know and we will bring our own rugs for them to entertain on.

What happens if the piggies need to go to the bathroom?

Our piggies are litter box trained and housebroken. They prefer to only go outside and will hold any pee during their visit. They will be given an opportunity to potty upon our arrival before we enter the entertainment space. For longer events, each piggy will be given numerous breaks to go to the bathroom.

Is there an agreement I will need to sign before the visit?

Yes. A signed visit agreement is required before any visit. This agreement goes over the risks of interacting with animals, potential environmental situations that would make the piggies uncomfortable, expected conduct and behavior of host and attendees, photography waiver, and our terms and conditions.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Piggy Joy!

Tree Family Party Piggies

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22674 State Highway 285
Cochranton, Pa 16314

Facebook: Tree Family Party Piggies

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